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September 2006


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podcast research engine

August 2006

giovanninicco » Blog Archive » something read my posts!

something read my posts! In this step you will add a “clickable” image (aka a “chicklet”) to your blog that looks like this: Your readers can copy and paste the URL assigned to this image into their podcasting client (podcatcher) and configure their desktop computers to automatically download your blog entries onto their mp3 players. Copy and paste the following html into your blog template. (You may want to add it anywhere you normally include a link to your RSS feeds.)

July 2006

BBC - Radio - Download and Podcast Trial

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BBC - Radio - Download and Podcast Trial

June 2006

The Stingy Scholar: University Podcast Round-up

University for free!!! June 6th, 2006 by giovanninicco Well, what say… when you can download many universitary courses, without pay (but the year flat connection) you can feel more rich, at least… webcast.berkeley | Courses | Podcast Feeds i will search for a searcher of universitary podcasts in the future (i will also try to understand how to put more categories in flock posting and how to be sudgested by existing ones )

May 2006

April 2006

Blinkx Video Search

Video and Audio search engine

March 2006

January 2006

Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive

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sito con podcast sulla scienza in lingua inglese

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