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August 2006

Using made a .mm of my delicious then i exported in xhtml and this is the result also there is a graphical form


A very basic universal data base June 13th, 2006 by giovanninicco I am used to write some notes on my palm. Well the idea is this: write the notes with a day and some tag in this way: {13/06/06 written a post on wordpress blog about grep blog wordpress grep} {10/06/05 lesson are finished #school#} {06/06/05 remember to search for a grep manual #grep#} Then for search on my palm i have a function 'search #grep#' But if i want to write or collect all stuff about mac i can use the command grep -a '<mac>' notes.txt - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more

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Search for organized information on the web June 6th, 2006 by giovanninicco - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more It's a great tool: just try it for a while and you'll be no more sure that google is always the right answer… technorati tags: information,

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