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August 2006

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something read my posts! In this step you will add a “clickable” image (aka a “chicklet”) to your blog that looks like this: Your readers can copy and paste the URL assigned to this image into their podcasting client (podcatcher) and configure their desktop computers to automatically download your blog entries onto their mp3 players. Copy and paste the following html into your blog template. (You may want to add it anywhere you normally include a link to your RSS feeds.)


If you have a site, probably it will change. If the site is a blog it has to change. Well, if, (if) someone (may be you) want to know if it has changed he has to visit your site searching for 'news'… Well, this was long time ago, now you have to use the rss feed: it means this has changed … […] …you'll need this tool: NetNewsWire lite


Hello world! May 26th, 2006 by giovanninicco Well, with this blog i'll try to be an international blogger, sorry for my ugly english may be i will find a self-corrector, may be not. What i was searching for was an easy tool to follow my researches in web but now i must leave. Bye.


ok: today i decide to use BlogMarks like a blog, is not its real job but i like it is able to tag the tokens i'll put inside, url or not included (as a matter of fact its a little problem 'couse every time i have to think a new one ,day and hour could be an answer. Last question, could be this stuff rss-ed?

June 2006

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