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December 2010

URL Design — Warpspire

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Good practices in designing URLs.

April 2010

Introduction to Surlex |

Surlex (Simple URL Expression) is a language for matching and extracting text, similar to regex (regular expression). It works by generating a regular expression from a more concise syntax that is designed to produce easy-to-read url patterns.

March 2010

Some People Can’t Read URLs « Not The User’s Fault

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Reactions seem divided into two camps. One camp is having a great laugh at the stupidity of the users – after all, how could they look at a page with a red masthead, titled “ReadWriteWeb”, featuring a news article, and think they were on the Facebook login page? How could they be smart enough to figure out how to leave a comment, but too dumb to know what site they were on? The other camp, for example an article from blogger Funkatron called We’re the stupid ones is pointing the finger at the software world for assuming that everyone knows as much about computers as we do, and more specifically at Google – after all, isn’t this in some way Google’s screw-up for returning the wrong result?

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