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Advanced symfony Techniques

Symfony advance techniques: host aware routes, embedded forms, security, apache tricks. » Quick Start Symfony DI (Dependency Injection) Tutorial

A quick tutorial explaining the Symfony Dependency Injection component. Used for inversion of control and to manage easily of all the dependencies of the classes.

Symfony 2 – L’injection de dépendances | Le blog technique de la team ELAO

Premier article d'une série expliquant l'injection de dépendances dans Symfony 2.

Dailymotion - La dure vie des développeurs web - une vidéo Comédie et Humour

Encore une parodie de la scène de «der unterdang», sur le thème du développement web.

ServerGrove Blog » Blog Archive » MongoDB with PHP and symfony

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Example of how to use MongoDB with PHP and Symfony. Introduction to ODM, part of Doctrine.

technique @PMSIpilot » Profiling PHP / symfony : merci XHProf

Utiliser le profil XHProf de Facebook pour profiler du code PHP dans Symfony.


Redo The Web » Propel is not hard anymore

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Présentation du plugin sfPropelFinder pour symfony. Ce plugin adopte la pratique du chaînage que l'on trouve dans jQuery.

sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin - symfony - Trac

The sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin is an addon to the sfPayloadFilterChainPlugin plugin. It provides filters dedicated to transforming text.

Little trick to randomize results with Propel

Comment obtenir un enregistrement aléatoire avec Propel. Voir le 1er commentaire pour une solution indépendante de la DB choisie.


Learn symfony: a Beginner's Tutorial [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

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With the release of symfony 1.0, it's time for those who haven't tried it yet to see what's inside this beautiful framework. Stable, fully documented, and released under the open-source MIT license, symfony is used by hundreds of web sites, including some very large ones (Yahoo! Bookmarks, with its 20 million-strong user base, is built with symfony). If you haven't taken the time to look at the introductory screencasts on the symfony project website, this simple tutorial will lead you through the basics.

Installing Symfony on OVH

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OVH is a well-know french host. This tutorial explains how to run a symfony app on a shared server with ovh, and can also be useful to people trying to install symfony on other shared hosts.

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