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August 2010

Citador - Citações do Autor: Nelson Rodrigues

Quotes from Nelson Rodrigues, brazilian journalist and author.

Nelson Rodrigues - Wikiquote

Quotes from Nelson Rodrigues, brazilian journalist and theatre author.

May 2010

Twitter / Nicolas Perriault: RT @futurecat: Usability T ...

Usability Testing DIY. Drink a few beers. Drink some more. Record your session.

April 2010

Rasmus Lerdorf - Wikiquote

Some quotes from the creator of PHP. Frightening :)

March 2010

NumberQuotes - Get a quote, make a point

Ever need a good quote to add scale to a number? You know, you’re giving a presentation on sales and you want to give a number some scale. “Last year our industry changed by 50 billion dollars – that’s the GDP of Serbia.” Only finding those quotes used to be a pain, but with NumberQuotes you can find the quote you need fast and easy.

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