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Pipe: Infix syntax for Python | {Dev Tricks}

ipe is a Python module enabling infix syntax in Python.

Unicode In Python, Completely Demystified

Excellent explanation of Unicode in Python. Also good to remember the difference between Unicode and UTF-8.

Easy Python hosting -

This is, the hosted WSGI hosting and deployment solution. We take your Django, Flask, Pylons or other WSGI code, run all the annoying hosting parts for you, and make sure everything's redundant and backed up.


déployer une application symfony sur un mutualisé OVH avec fabric

Script fabric pour déployer une application Symfony avec Python.

Python, Unicode and UnicodeDecodeError — Stereoplex

Great explanation of Unicode in Python applications.

Django Packages : django reusable apps, sites and tools directory

Reusable apps, sites, tools, and more for your Django projects

Optimiser ses applications Django —

Quelques conseils pour optimiser les performances des applis Django : éviter les requêtes multiples, mettre les templates en cache, différer certaines actions (files)...

Using fabric to deploy symfony application - Thomas Rabaix

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Fabric is a python command-line tool to deploy projects over one or several servers. The article details how to simplify and automates the deployment of a symfony project using Fabric.

Home -

A site full of resources about security in Python programming, for the language and for the frameworks/template engines.

Le « monde » Python

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Presentation of Python and its ecosystem. Useful librairies mentionned at the end of the presentation.

Créer un blog avec Django 1.2 - Gilles Fabio

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Tutoriel sur la création basique d'un blog avec Django 1.2.

n1k0's landslide at master - GitHub

Python package to generate HTML5 or PDF presentation from Markdown syntax.

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