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JS.Class - Ruby-style JavaScript

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JS.Class is a set of tools designed to make it easy to build robust object-oriented programs in JavaScript. It’s based on Ruby, and gives you access to Ruby’s object, module and class systems, some of its reflection and metaprogramming facilities, and a few of the packages from its standard library. It also provides a powerful package manager to help load your applications as efficiently as possible.

The Clean Coder: Why Clojure?

Why Clojure ? And why the need of functional programming languages ? In short, to take advantage of the threaded programming that is really hard in a statefull language.

[erlang-questions] The Beauty of Erlang Syntax

Interesting thought on Erlang and functional programming vs OO programming

• Why are interfaces widely ignored in the PHP world and what use do they have when working with symfony? |

"Every once in a while I stumble upon interfaces or somebody mentions them to me. Whenever this happens I realise that the use of Interfaces as an OOP key feature in PHP is next to none at all. But why is that?"

xCSS - Documentation - Syntax - Extending objects

First CSS framework that allows you to work object-oriented and keeps your workflow as DRY as possible.

Symfony, les forms et les forms embarqués

Tuto sur les forms en symfony, quelles méthodes surcharger en fonction de ses besoins.

2007 - Your Patterns Library

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Encourage les pratiques de programmation et de conception communes et centralise des ressources sur les patterns.

Portland Pattern Repository

Wiki dédié à tout ce qui est lié aux patterns.

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