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Why You Should Never Use MongoDB | Hacker News

Good comments about RDBMS vs NoSQL solutions.


Blog rolling with mongoDB, express and Node.js - How To Node - NodeJS

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Introduction to Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB with a simple blog example.

MongoDB Aggregation I: Counting and Grouping | Kyle Banker

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Serie of 3 posts on MongoDB aggregation. The group() function is awesomely powerful.

Mongokit presentation mongofr-2010

Quick presentation of MongoKit, a Python MongoDB ODM.

PHP & MongoDB Sitting in a Tree: Part 1 | Inside DealTaker

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"Yet another MongoDB and PHP tutorial, say it ain’t so! Well yes, but this tutorial aims to be more complete than the others out there."

MongoDB Schema Design

Design a DB schema with the non-rel DB MongoDB.

MongoKit Documentation — MongoKit v0.5 documentation

The documentation of MongoKit, "a python module that brings structured schema and validation layer on top of the great pymongo driver. It has be written to be simpler and lighter as possible with the KISS and DRY principles in mind."

jwage's odm at master - GitHub

The DoctrineODMMongo namespace is an experimental project for a PHP 5.3 MongoDB Object Mapper.

ServerGrove Blog » Blog Archive » MongoDB with PHP and symfony

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Example of how to use MongoDB with PHP and Symfony. Introduction to ODM, part of Doctrine.

Create a Simple App with Django and MongoDB: Part 1 - Reza Muhammad

Beginning of a tutorial on how to create a simple app with Django and MongoDB.

Developing scalable PHP applications using MongoDB - PHP Classes blog - PHP Classes

Nowadays there is a new kind of databases that is getting very popular, specially for Web development, including the PHP world, which are the NoSQL databases. This article focus specifically on MongoDB, despite there are several other NoSQL database implementations.

Introduction To MongoDB

A introduction slideshow on MongoDB, a NoSQL database.

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