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From Privacy To Opacity - Digital Me Management

Interesting article from Karl Dubost about managing privacy (or opacity).

Xoopit Transforms Your Gmail Inbox into a Multimedia Haven - Digital Videos - Lifehacker

Windows/Mac/Linux: Firefox extension Xoopit turns Gmail into a robust, searchable media management tool for every piece of media that comes through your inbox. By indexing every attachment as well as every link to photos and videos from sites like Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube, Xoopit allows you to easily search for and find any picture or video and view it from directly inside Gmail.

2008 - Content Hub and Identity Management Platform

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" is building a flexible, permanent home for your online identity on your own domain. You own and are in control of the facets of your digital life, not any one service provider. One place for your profile, your contacts & content, where you have control over who gets to see what."

Inter-Sections » Blog Archive » Perfection does not exist

Atteindre la perfection dans un projet n'est pas un but réaliste.

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