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The (Very) Unofficial Facebook Privacy Manual

Tips to keep a relative privacy on Facebook.

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The history of Jesus, Facebook-like...

Diaspora's curse - (37signals)

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Why Diaspora could be a fail. It started wrong by asking for money, they should have build first a product, demonstrate that a public social network is possible.

How to Quit Facebook Without Actually Quitting Facebook

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With all the privacy issues surrounding Facebook, many people are considering quitting the site altogether. If you're not ready to take it that far, here's how to avoid the privacy breaches without completely deleting your account and losing touch with your friends.

The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

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Flash animation showing the evolution of the level of privacy of the different categories of information Facebook knows about you. Now, almost everything is public.

Bloquer les mouchards de Facebook - ZZZ

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Avec les Social Plugins introduits il y a quelques jours, Facebook prétend ajouter un bouton “Like” sur toutes les pages du Web. C’est sans doute super pour cette société de savoir qui regarde quelle page de quel site à tout instant, mais, moi, ça ne me plaît pas.

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol from a Web Developer’s Perspective

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David Recordon of Facebook has an interesting post titled Why f8 was good for the open web where he talks about how some of Facebook’s announcements at their recent F8 conference increase the openness of the Web. He calls out the following four items as the key benefits to the web as a whole from the F8 announcements

Pourquoi je n’utiliserai plus Facebook

usqu’à présent, Facebook était un « réseau social » qui permettait à ses utilisateurs de se relier entre eux en « devenant amis » pour ainsi partager et publier des informations, des liens et des contenus. [...] Mais voilà, cette semaine, facebook a annoncé ses plans et les changements qu’ils venaient de mettre en place. Et là, la balance a totalement basculé.

Le nouveau Facebook : un guide complet pour les éditeurs, les annonceurs, les utilisateurs et la concurrence  | ReadWriteWeb France

Facebook a secoué le monde des technologies en annonçant une série d’innovations majeures qui constituent, prises dans leur ensemble, un mouvement destiné à faire du web tout entier un web social et sémantique.

The Open Graph Protocol

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The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to enable any web page to have the same functionality as a Facebook Page.

Facebook | Dark Vador

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Une parodie de profil Facebook de Dark Vador.

Facebook Login Fiasco Demonstrates Challenge in Competing with Google - Search Marketing News Blog - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

If you're not already aware, this week ReadWriteWeb wrote up a post pondering about how Facebook wishes to be the "One True Login." The idea behind the post is that recent moves seem to suggest that Facebook wishes to become a starting point for most users to the rest of the web. Google quickly ranked the post in its "News" results at the top of the results page for "Facebook login." People began clicking on the post thinking they could login to Facebook from there. When they couldn't, they began leaving comments on the post expressing frustration and wanting to know how they could just log in!

technique @PMSIpilot » Profiling PHP / symfony : merci XHProf

Utiliser le profil XHProf de Facebook pour profiler du code PHP dans Symfony.

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