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A Chrome extension for customizing web pages.

Search for 'Web development' on the featured items of Google Chrome extension gallery.

Complement Google Chrome’s developer tools with extensions, to make web development faster and more efficient. Edit HTML, test your pages on various screen resolutions, improve the performance of your apps and more -- all directly from the browser.

32 Google Chrome Extensions For Smart Designers | Graphic and Web Design Blog

Google chrome is a relatively new web browser but it has already gained huge popularity with its great speed and features. Web developers must work more faster and more productively – what could help more than these extensions aimed to ease your daily development process and save time.

Etacts - Gmail Browser Extensions

Etacts Adds Contact Info, Social Networking, and Handy Statistics to Your Gmail Sidebar

gleeBox: Keyboard glee for your web

leeBox is an experimental project that takes a keyboard-centric approach to navigating the web. It provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse. Some of these are radically more efficient than using a mouse, some not so much. In all cases, they are mostly meant for keyboard and command line lovers.

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