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22 December 2006

Using Relational Databases with Python

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Python has a standard mechanism for accessing databases called the Database API (DB-API). It is documented in Python PEP 249 and is influenced by ODBC, JDBC and to a lesser extent Perl's DBI. Modules are available for most of the popular relational databases and a number of non-relational databases as well.

27 November 2006


Quelques astuces et règles de base pour le CGI Perl.

18 November 2006

Extending the CakePHP framework

How to extend the CakePHP framework with helpers, components, and plug-ins.

Taking Advantage of the Pages Controller

Looking for a few tips on how to make the Pages Controller your new friend? Out-of-the-box it maps incoming requests to their views, sets the page title, and even handles sub-pages well. But wait, there's more!


WikiRenderer est une classe PHP permettant de transformer un texte au format wiki, en un texte formaté en XHTML.

16 November 2006

Interface Elements for jQuery

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Interface is a collection of plugins for jQuery java script library. With this plugins you can build Web 2.0 aplications with the same same simplicty as using jQuery and provide a rich user interface.

14 November 2006

12 November 2006

Cake for beginners

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A quick guide for the curious

11 November 2006

CakePHP sur

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Modifications pour faire fonctionner CakePHP sur

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