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July 2007

rollSense - blog content recommendation

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Recommandez des articles à vos lecteurs en relation avec ce qu'ils lisent sur votre blog et tirés des blogs et sites que vous appréciez

Ubuntu Start Guide

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Tips and tricks for Ubuntu

Learn symfony: a Beginner's Tutorial [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

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With the release of symfony 1.0, it's time for those who haven't tried it yet to see what's inside this beautiful framework. Stable, fully documented, and released under the open-source MIT license, symfony is used by hundreds of web sites, including some very large ones (Yahoo! Bookmarks, with its 20 million-strong user base, is built with symfony). If you haven't taken the time to look at the introductory screencasts on the symfony project website, this simple tutorial will lead you through the basics.

June 2007

Apprenons en plus sur le LOL - Niou Taiknolog1e: Geekeries & Cie

Dans la série des billets "apprenons en plus sur la façon bizarre qu'on les geeks de parler" inaugurée par ce billet sur le woot, le pounaid et le DTC voici venu un sujet d'une extrême importance: Le LOL !

Un design fluide avec trois «colonnes», grâce au positionnement flottant - Alsacréations

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Beaucoup de sites web présentent une mise en page sur trois colonnes, avec une colonne centrale de contenu et des colonnes latérales. Ce tutoriel très complet montre comment on peut utiliser les flottants pour réaliser ce type de mise en page, en largeur fixe ou fluide.

May 2007

Prototype Window Class : Introduction

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This javascript class allows you to add window in a HTML page. This class is based on Prototype. The code is inspired by the powerful library. You can even use all effects to show and hide windows if you include effects.js file , but it's not mandatory.

Coding Horror: This Is What Happens When You Let Developers Create UI

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Deep down inside every software developer, there's a budding graphic designer waiting to get out. And if you let that happen, you're in trouble. Or at least your users will be, anyway:

April 2007

Introduction à UML

UML est l'Unified Modeling Language standardisé par l'OMG (Object Management Group : Ce n'est pas une méthode, il ne donne pas de solution pour la mise en oeuvre d'un projet. C'est avant tout un formalisme graphique issu de notations employées dans différentes méthodes objets.

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System

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S5 is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With one file, you can run a complete slide show and have a printer-friendly version as well.

jQuery Date Picker

by 7 others
A jQuery plugin to allow you to add "date picker" elements to your forms.

Javascript DHTML calendar

by 6 others
The javascript calendar available here is a free, lightweight widget which shows a calendar for use in picking dates on form fields.

Javascript calendar/dhtml calendar/Date picker by Zapatec

The Zapatec Javascript Calendar is a feature-full, cross browser compatible, calendar. Use the calendar in pop-up mode, as a date picker, or in flat mode to display different events.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design [Design Principles]

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For many web developers, myself included, the most intimidating part of the design process is getting started. Imagine for a moment that you're sitting at your desk with nothing other than a cup of coffee and the business card of a potential client who needs a basic corporate web site. Usually, a business card speaks volumes about a company's identity, and could be used as design inspiration.

March 2007

Des tutos pour tous les goûts ! - Le Site du Zéro

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Depuis la dernière news vous présentant les meilleurs tutos des zéros, de nouveaux tutoriaux ont vu le jour, tous aussi intéressants les uns que les autres.

Manipuler des archives en Python

Archiver, désarchiver en Python

February 2007


PyYAML is a yaml parser and emitter for Python.

January 2007

Linux command line tips

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This is a list of linux commands for common operations.

Installing Symfony on OVH

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OVH is a well-know french host. This tutorial explains how to run a symfony app on a shared server with ovh, and can also be useful to people trying to install symfony on other shared hosts.

Using FCKeditor with CakePHP

FCKeditor is a powerful WYSIWYG editor that replaces the plain, old and boring textarea form element. It has file management functions (so you can upload images, flash and other files directly from it) and many more useful functions.

Basic User Authentication in 1.2.x

In this tutorial we'll cover all aspects of MVC in an authentication role, logging a user in, maintaining a session, and restricting unauthorized access to controller actions.

December 2006

Ultimate htaccess Article

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htaccess code snippets and examples

Python source to XHTML colorizer

Converts Python source to a portable XHTML 1.0 strict document that includes a basic set of Dublin Core metadata. Based on the MoinMoin source colorizer.

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