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01 May 2007 13:30

Get broadband in Ireland

Need for Speed is listing information about broadband connection in each irish county. Need for Speed offers you a comprehensive resource which lists broadband service providers throughout Ireland. Find out what services are available in your area today GET BROADBAND.

02 April 2007 09:00

SIP Switch & online call management by Blueface

SIP switch which allows 3rd party registrations. It means that you can use multiple SIP accounts with one User Agent (phone). Online call management with its switchboad: hangup, hold, resume, transfer calls from an online application

02 April 2007 08:45

VoIP Forum

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Blueface forum about VoIP and its related technologies / issues.

27 February 2007 21:00

Blueface | VoIP | Ireland's broadband phone service

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Blueface is a Dublin based VoIP company providing residential and business users with a phone service over an existing broadband Internet connection in Ireland. Real alternative to high call charges and line rental.