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10 November 2008 02:15

Remote iTunes | control iTunes from a remote computer

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If you have ever wanted to remotely control a computer running iTunes then this is your solution. Using the remote Mac's Bonjour name or I.P. address you can control most of the basic iTunes functions without ever touching the remote Mac. Play/Pause the music, make new playlists, turn the volume up or down, search the music database, and have fun!

02 November 2008 23:00

MyTunesRSS | iTunes RSS Feeder

MyTunesRSS lets you listen to your music wherever you are. It provides a configuration interface and a web server which you run on your local host where all your music lives. After starting the server you can access your music through a nice web interface from all over the world using any web browser. You can even use devices like a Playstation Portable or the Nintento Wii to play your music.

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