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16 September 2009 06:15 | Podcasts and Internet Radio | Directory

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"find, organize and listen to your favorite Internet radio and podcasts. Create an account and build out a playlist from our massive directories, all for free."

26 March 2009 20:00

WXPN | radio programs available as music podcasts

Check out these podcasts from WXPN's list: (1) World Cafe Next from WXPN is a weekly podcast showcases new, under-the-radar artists. (2) World Cafe Words and Music weekly podcast has interviews and performances by some of today's most amazing musicians. (3) The Blues File from WXPN keeps you up explores the blues. (4) The yPod podcast has interviews and live sessions with independent rock artists. (5) Echoes, features a variety of styles, acoustic, electronic music, jazz, space music, avant-garde, ambient, and rock. Echoes also has Living Room Concerts, live performances recorded in musicians' homes or in studios. Finally, don't miss npr's podcast directory at the bottom of the page. It connects to over 600 podcasts.

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Pluggd - Discover, Listen to, and Share Podcasts

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"Discover podcasts based on your interests and the interests of others. Experience and listen to them online, or download to your PC or mobile device. Share your opinions, thoughts, and insights on podcasts by rating them and passing them on to friends, family, and colleagues."

20 July 2007 21:00

Youloud: Music | Podcast Directory

"Youloud is a podcast social site and directory where you can listen to thousands of podcasts directly from your browser, create your own playlists, share them with your friends, make your own feed with your favourite podcasts, etc."

07 August 2006 00:00

fluctu8 | audio and video podcasts

Sound File Categories: Technology, Techno/Electronic, Independent/Misc Music, Hiphop, Arts/Culture, Business, Media, Science, Health/Environment, Educational, Politics, Sports, Food, Travel, Literature, Sexuality, Jazz/Soul/Funk, International, Music, Opsound, Video.

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11 April 2006 01:00 | Radio-Show/Podcast Directory

Listen to radio shows on-demand. Underheard archives recent college and community radio shows that you can stream, download, or subscribe to.