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Music Blog Zeitgeist of 2009: 50 Artists, 50 Albums, Top Songs | The Hype Machine

"Forget the magazine editors & big label marketing budgets. This is the best music from 2009 chosen by the most passionate music fans alive: music bloggers."


Listal | music (ratings)

Listal is a social community that lets you rate things like books

Discogs | a community-built database of music information

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"Imagine a site with discographies of all labels, all artists, all cross-referenced. It's getting closer every day."


Rate Your Music | Find/Research Music

Rate Your Music is a metadata database where musical albums, EPs, singles, videos, and bootlegs are rated and reviewed by users. This data is then used to generate music recommendations for users and to create rated lists of music albums. Weighted averages are used to calculate the ordering for these lists; regular members who write reviews and rate more albums have a greater weight applied to their ratings. It is a wiki in the sense that users can add, edit and remove content; however, the majority of new, edited content must be approved by a moderator. [Wikipedia]


all music | comprehensive music reference

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Overviews of music artists, discography's, and recommended recordings. New release information.