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Free Form Rock...Music From the Rock Garden

Has Window Media and MP3 streams. One nice feature is a playlist that shows album covers for the current and past tracks.


CKDU 88.1 FM | Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | College Radio

"CKDU-FM is Halifax's only FM campus-community radio station. We are a volunteer-run 3200 watt station that broadcasts 24 hours, 365 days of the year, from Dalhousie University to the metro Halifax area. We are licensed to be a radio alternative to public (CBC) and commercial radio. CKDU-FM has been broadcasting as an FM station since 1985."

WPRB 103.3 FM | Princeton University | College Radio

The student ran radio station of Princeton University. "WPRB broadcasts classical in the morning and jazz in the late-morning and early afternoon. Our eclectic rock-format shows run from early afternoon until the station closes."

KANM 1690 AM | Texas A&M University | College Radio

"Our DJs have weekly shows with free-form formats consisting of indie rock and pop, emo and post punk, punk, hip hop, alternative, metal, electronica, jazz, world, blues, folk, talk, and more." KANM also has a great auto-dj (Billy the Auto-DJ). Playlist information is available.

CJUM (UMFM 101.5) - Winnipeg's Hit Free Radio | College Radio

UMFM is a campus and community radio station owned and administered by the University of Manitoba Students' Union. Plays a wide variety of shows.

WFMU | Free-form/Community Radio

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WFMU plays an extremely diverse range of music. All programs archived in MP3 and Realaudio. | Station Finder: Advanced Search is possibly the most extensive up-to-date database of online non-commercial/public radio stations and programs on the internet. Search for stations by name, location, format (adult alternative, free-form, etc....), language, and/or streaming audio format. It can also tell you what radio shows are on now.

KUMM, The U-90 Alternative | College Radio

"KUMM (89.7 FM, "The U90 Alternative") is a public radio station operated by the University of Minnesota, Morris. Students, faculty, and members of the Morris community comprise the DJ's at KUMM. Show format is left entirely up to the individual DJ's, but Top 40 songs from the last 10 years are not allowed in order to keep the station alternative." Wikipedia

KTRU | College Radio

Student run station from Rice University in Houston. "DJs are encouraged to play a wide variety of tracks in sequence, from modern classical to reggae to indie rock to spoken word, for example. During afternoon hours, the station broadcasts specialty shows exclusively devoted to particular musical genres and themes." Wikipedia

NO-FI "RADIO" | Weekly Radio Show/Podcast

A weekly show from Los Angeles. Plays music you won't hear everywhere else. (Real)

Radio K | Minneapolis, Minnesota | College Radio

"Radio K is the award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota, playing an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new."

Brainwashed Radio | Internet Radio

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24/7 streaming radio station that plays "the weirder side of eclectic music."

WXYC Chapel Hill 89.3 FM | College Radio

From the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill. The programming at this student-run station is freeform. A live playlist is available at the web site, or via an RSS feed. (MP3, Ogg, Real)

Radio Student | College Radio

A non-commercial college radio station from Zagreb,Croatia. Plays a wide variety of music. [real, windows, aacPlus (use VLC)]

Trent Radio | College Radio

Trent Radio is a 'campus/community' radio station in Peterborough, Ontario. Programming is produced by volunteers from Trent University or the Peterborough area. A weekly program guide is available.