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01 April 2006 08:15

Freematrix Radio | Internet Radio

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Plays mostly random music or technology news shows such as IT Conversations. Content is either Creative Commons, Public Domain, or that has been licensed for Royalty-Free Play.

The World Clock | Online Clock

A useful web site for figuring out time zone differences etc.

30 March 2006 05:15

Theory Radio | Internet Radio

Based in Los Angeles, Theory's RoboSplat DJ plays music in between live radio shows.

25 March 2006 06:30

Boot Liquor Radio | Internet Radio

Internet radio from San Jose, California. Self described as: "dysfunctional country-rock-folk", with an emphasis on simple arrangements and interesting subject matter. Bland, mainstream, cliche-laden country isn't what we're about.

24 March 2006 08:30

Chumpette | Internet Radio

Chumpette plays bands like Belle and Sebastian, Spoon, Metric, Tortoise, Nada Surf and Four Tet. It's website displays track information and cover art for the song currently being played, and songs on que, that can be skipped or traded. It's also possible to request songs. [Ogg Vorbis (Use VLC)]

Spogbiper | Internet Radio

Spogbiper plays bands like Grandaddy, Azure Ray, Wilco, Sigur Ros and Trembling Blue Stars. It's website displays track information and cover art for the song currently being played, and songs on que, that can be skipped or traded. It's also possible to request songs. [Ogg Vorbis (Use VLC)]

23 March 2006 07:45

SHOUTcast | Stream Directory

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Thousands of MP3 format streams organized by genre and bandwidth.

23 March 2006 07:15

Radio Stations on the ARTISTdirect Network

Search for radio stations by music genre, location or by alphabet. You can also search for internet only radio stations as well as for networks & syndicates.

22 March 2006 07:45

Dr. Yo | Internet Radio

"A commercial-free eclectic mix of avant garde, punk, psychedelic, industrial, and more."

21 March 2006 07:45 | Internet Radio

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Swedish web-only channels: Chelsea (Indie), Visby (Pop), Piccadilly (80-tal), Manilla (HipHop), Krakow (Metal), Nashville (Country), Detroit (Techno), Seattle (Grunge), Motown (Soul), Studio 54 (Disco), 90s Dance (Euro), Santa Cruz (Punk). Genre's are loosely interpreted. For example, Chelsea (the Indie channel) played Dylan's Lay Lady Lay. Song information is available on the web page for each station—click on 'Spellista'. [WMP]

19 March 2006 09:30

Rainydawg Radio | College Radio

The student station of the University of Washington plays: college/indie rock, alternative rock, hip hop, loud rock, electronic and local music. Rainydawg archives individual shows and also provides live playlists.

19 March 2006 06:45

SomaFM | Internet Radio

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Multi-channel internet radio. Electronica, ambient groove, downtempo, lounge, space music and indie pop. Playlists are available at SomaFM's website.

MPEGRadio | Internet Radio

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Multiple stations: Brit Pop/Alternative, Rock, 80's, Punk, Ambient, Techno, Dub, Goth/Industrial, Trance, Classical. | Internet Radio

This Live365 station plays music by bands such as interpol, radiohead, bjork, tricky, massive attack, the smiths, u2, depeche mode, royksopp and the strokes. Song information is available at

19 March 2006 05:30 | Stream Directory

Search for streams by genre or format, such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and aacPlus (MPEG 4).

19 March 2006 01:45

CosmosRadio.Com | Radio Stations Around The World

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"While there are several other extensive lists of radio stations available on the World Wide Web, this list is, to the best of our knowledge, the most comprehensive." [Cosmos]

19 March 2006 01:30

Radio Student | College Radio

A non-commercial college radio station from Zagreb,Croatia. Plays a wide variety of music. [real, windows, aacPlus (use VLC)]

19 March 2006 00:00

Trent Radio | College Radio

Trent Radio is a 'campus/community' radio station in Peterborough, Ontario. Programming is produced by volunteers from Trent University or the Peterborough area. A weekly program guide is available.

18 March 2006 23:30

KCR | College Radio

Student run station from San Diego State University. [WMP 20 Kbps]

05 March 2006 10:00

KSCR Los Angeles | College Radio

The student station of the University of Southern California. When human dj's aren't available, the Revolutionary Robot "plays an eclectic mix of new music". Live playlists.

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