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14 April 2006 08:00

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From KCRW in Los Angeles, comes KCRWmusic, streaming hand picked innovative and eclectic music 24/7.

14 April 2006 05:45

spheric lounge | electronic ambient music

"A live electronic ambient project. an open circle of friends and creative people that meets several times a month to do jam sessions, parties or public gigs. what started as an electronic jam session at a bar in munich has now become a regular and well-known part of the munich music scene." | Music Zine

by 15 others
Discover new music. Download free legal MP3's. | streaming music service

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Type in an artist you like and creates a "station" that plays music similar to it that others have liked. Once you have played enough artists, will let you know who your musical neighbors are. You can listen to their "stations" for free. If you sign up (for a small monthly fee) you can play your personal "radio" or your tagged items. Great for discovering new music, and also keep track of hard to find artists by tagging them.

12 April 2006 07:45

The Hype Machine | MP3 Blog Aggregator

by 40 others
Listen to MP3's posted on music blogs, with Hype Machine's flash based player, iTunes, or as podcasts.

12 April 2006 05:45

Playing in Fog | Music Zine

A San Francisco based music calendar, with show reviews, photos and MP3's.

11 April 2006 01:45

Little Radio Blogzine | Internet Radio

Los Angeles based web radio station/blogzine. Live radio shows are hosted by volunteer dj's (both local and international). A live playlist is available.

11 April 2006 01:30

Playr | Music Blogs

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Listen to MP3 blogs.

11 April 2006 01:15

Blogs listed on the Hype Machine | Top Music Blog Directory

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List of mp3 blogs on the Hype Machine, sorted by popularity.

11 April 2006 01:00 | Radio-Show/Podcast Directory

Listen to radio shows on-demand. Underheard archives recent college and community radio shows that you can stream, download, or subscribe to.

10 April 2006 08:45

WXYC Chapel Hill 89.3 FM | College Radio

From the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill. The programming at this student-run station is freeform. A live playlist is available at the web site, or via an RSS feed. (MP3, Ogg, Real)

06 April 2006 08:45

3hive | Music Blog

by 12 others
Eclectic. 3hive only links to free MP3s found on official artist or label websites. 3hive can be played using a stream-this-page link or you can also tune in at:

06 April 2006 07:15

Playr | M3U Playlist Maker

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Create playlists for web pages that have MP3's with these bookmarklets. The files you create get added to a database. Listen to playlists others have made. M3U playlists play best in WinAMP or QuickTime, SMIL playlists play best in RealPlayer, while Flash playlists use the XSPF Web Music Player to play within a web browser.

06 April 2006 00:00

The Catbirdseat | Music Blog

by 1 other
Indie rock music blog. The monthly mix is almost always worth listening to.

Motel de Moka | Music Blog

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Eclectic music blog. Stream all the songs at:

largehearted boy | Music Blog

by 8 others
Indie rock music blog. Stream all the latest songs at:

04 April 2006 07:00

KJHK | College Radio

The student station of the University of Kansas.

03 April 2006 09:30

The Royal Radio **BETA** | MP3 Playlist Radio

Listen to current alternative and indie rock.

02 April 2006 06:15

The Designers Mixtape | MP3 Mixes

by 8 others
Listen to mixes by designers from all over the world who have contribute playlists that show their musical taste.

02 April 2006 00:15

Radio Nova | Internet Radio

by 16 others
Music with a beat; from France.

01 April 2006 23:30

Americana Music | Links

Links to Americana radio stations and shows.

01 April 2006 08:30


Home to a wide range of programs hosted by local New York City DJ's. The station plays archived shows between live broadcasts.

01 April 2006 08:15

Live Constructions | Radio Show Archives

"Live Constructions invites guest artists to the studio to perform live, play recorded compositions, or air radiophonic work. Over the years, many musicians, composers, sound artists, and radio artists from around the world have participated in the program."

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