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19 March 2014

18 March 2014

15 March 2014

#NoEstimates | | Page 2

Blog sur l'agilité avec notamment une série d'articles relatifs à la (non)estimation

Qarnot Computing

Comment réconcilier le besoin de supercalculateurs avec le non gaspillage de la chaleur dégagée par ceux-ci. C'est simple déployer des calculateurs dans des boitiers radiateurs servant de chauffage.

09 March 2014

HeroQuest | The mythical table top game in it’s 25th Anniversary Edition

Une nouvelle édition pour le 25ème anniversaire de Heroquest

08 March 2014

05 March 2014 • Index page

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Forum dédié aux ordinateurs portables thinkpad

03 March 2014

Future Timeline | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity | Predictions | Events

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Welcome to the future! Below, you will find a speculative timeline of future history. Part fact and part fiction, the timeline is based on detailed research that includes analysis of current trends, long-term environmental changes, advances in technology such as Moore's Law, future medical breakthroughs, the evolving geopolitical landscape and more. Where possible, references have been provided to support the predictions. We also have a blog covering the latest news and breakthroughs. FutureTimeline is an ongoing, collaborative project that is open for discussion – we welcome ideas from scientists, futurists, inventors, writers and anyone else interested in future trends.

02 March 2014

01 March 2014

Bouncr – Free, short email addresses!

permet de créer des adresses mail faisant "tampon" (proxies) d'autres adresses mails. L'adresse tampon peut être supprimée n'importe quand.

28 February 2014

26 February 2014