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August 2008

Code Generation - Software Reality

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To implement a system, the programmer must face the chore of creating an endlessly repetitive number of session and entity beans. When that project is finished, the programmer must start all over again on the next venture.

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February 2007

Carnegie Trust - for the Universities of Scotland

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Full details of our awards and our activities are published each year in our Annual Reports and are available to view or download.

HTML Kit for more than editing HTML

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See the inner beauty of your HTML, XHTML and XML documents. Jump to a specific tag/section in the document structure.

CVS version control for web development - sean dreilinger

This writeup describes use of cvs version control for web development, quality assurance, and maintenance, originally developed at inter@ctivate consulting group (1997), and later applied to engineering processes at SavvySearch Limited (1998-1999) and CNE

January 2007