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04 February 2007


The National Advisory Committee on Rural Health, on which I serve, recently learned of the plight of small hospitals in some of the most remote territory I have seen, in Northern California. The 72 rural hospitals in that state averaged a -2.2% patient-o

24 January 2007

elearnspace. Eportfolios

The infancy of the eportfolio field is most evident in the limited toolset available for their creation. On a basic level, any tool that allows an individual to design and publish digital content could be used for eportfolios. T

21 January 2007

10 January 2007

basement windows egress

ECI of America Enviro cushion, envirocushions, environmental carpet ... ECI offers a Enviro cushion that is environmental safe carpet ... r-factor / basement ... Pets / Odor / Yellowing: Installation Advantages: Contact Us