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August 2008

Code Generation - Software Reality

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To implement a system, the programmer must face the chore of creating an endlessly repetitive number of session and entity beans. When that project is finished, the programmer must start all over again on the next venture.

May 2008

April 2007

Rachel - Open Source Resource Loading Toolkit for Java Web Start

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skinlf/themes/ images/world2.gif images/inform.gif META-INF/ ThemeAnchor.class Once the URL handler is installed, resources can be loaded using the standard class. Example:

February 2007

January 2007

Germany: PhD Position on Optimization, Control and Visualization | Online Education | Scholarship | Financial Aid | Student Loans | Study Abroad

A diploma or masters degree in engineering, mathematics or physics is required. Ideal candidates have experience in numerical mathematics, in particular in optimization and optimal control, mechanical modeling /multibody dynamics, and have programming ski