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November 2006

Amberjack: Site Tour Creator - Simple. Free. Open Source.

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Amberjack is a lightweight Open Source library, enabling webmasters to create cool site tours. By guiding your site visitors, Amberjack tours can greatly improve the usability of your website. The Amberjack JavaScript library is lightweight (~4K), stable, LGPL licensed, browser compatible, set up in 2 minutes & super-easy to customize. Best of all, nothing must be installed or learned. Use the Tour Wizard to create great looking and helpful tours for your site or intranet application.

June 2005

Simon Willison: getElementsBySelector()

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Inspired by Andy, I decided to have a crack at something I've been thinking about trying for a long time. document.getElementsBySelector is a javascript function which takes a standard CSS style selector and returns an array of elements objects from the document that match that selector.

May 2005

Jesse Ruderman » Valid XHTML user script

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The Valid XHTML user script is an adaptation of the blogidate XML well-formedness bookmarklet. It shows a line of text under each textarea indicating whether the text is well-formed XHTML.


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domCollapse allows you to collapse and expand parts of page by clicking other parts of a page. To identify a trigger element, you add the class "trigger" to it as an attribute. This will automatically collapse the next following element in the document tree.

Showing and Hiding a DIV using CSS and Javascript

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There are many situations encountered when designing a webpage where showing and hiding a div using a link is useful.


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Small script to easily display hover tool tips You can attach a popup to anything by simply giving it a class of 'hasHelp' and an id. Then adding the help text to a blockquote and giving that a class of 'helpContents' and an id of 'xxxHelp' where xxx is the id of the element it's related to.

April 2005

Cours de manipulation du DOM et DHTML

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Il ne s'agit pas d'une bibliothèque d'effets "clé-en-main", mais plutôt de l'exposé des principes permettant la production d'effets les plus portables et adaptables possibles