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July 2007 : Créez et Offrez du e-learning - Gratuit

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Apprendre, Créer et Collaborer Créez votre propre sommaire. Partagez les ressources éducatives. Collaborez avec des collègues, montrez vos connaissances au monde et partagez les recettes publicitaires.

May 2007

Mozy Online Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.

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Download and install Mozy to ensure your data is safely backed up at a secure, remote location

February 2007

JungleDisk - Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3 ™ - Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk is an application that lets you store files and backup data securely to's S3 ™ Storage Service. * Store an unlimited amount of data for only 15¢ per gigabyte * No monthly subscription fee, no startup fee, no commitment * Your data is fully encrypted at all times * Data is stored at multiple datacenters around the country for high availability * Access files directly from Windows Explorer, Mac OSX Finder, and Linux

December 2006

November 2006

ooprint, votre imprimeur

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vos cartes de visite professionnelles au juste prix, papeterie d'entreprise, cartons d'invitation, faire-part...

SparkAngels : le premier service d'entraide numérique

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SparkAngels est un service d'entraide numérique qui va vous permettre d'inviter l'un de vos proches ou ami(e)s à partager votre écran et éventuellement votre souris et clavier pour vous faire accompagner efficacement à distance et en toute sécurité, dans votre propre environnement informatique. Vous aurez toujours l'opportunité d'aider ou de vous faire aider. Lancez, dés à présent, le service et vous aurez alors sur votre bureau un accès immédiat et simple au télé-accompagnement.

September 2006

MediaMax, powered by Streamload - Free Online Storage - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Access

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MediaMax, powered by Streamload, gives you a private and secure place to upload, store, access, and share your personal videos, photos, movies, music, and files. ne fonctionne pas sous opera... - Free Online File Storage

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Access important files from any computer Share photos, and files too big for email Synchronize and backup folders Sub-accounts and RSS feeds for groups


by 9 others is an open source community creating software for dispersed data storage

Révolution dans le stockage Internet sécurisé !

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La solution imaginée par CleverSafe répond à une demande universelle, non satisfaite aujourd’hui : Comment stocker des informations sur Internet, de manière fiable, efficace et sécurisée.

August 2006

Performancing Metrics |

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Performancing Metrics is a free professional grade blog statistics service aimed at professional bloggers All the information bloggers need Track mutiple blogs with one user account Ideal for high traffic blogs and blog networks RSS 2.0 feeds - get your stats in your news reader It's completely FREE!

July 2006

Zoho - Affordable software for individuals, small & medium business

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suite bureautique sous forme d'applications web. (traitement de texte, feuilles de calcul, presentations, to-do lists etc)

Filter RSS feeds with Feed Rinse

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Feed Rinse is an easy to use tool that lets you automatically filter out syndicated content that you aren't interested in. It's like a spam filter for your RSS subscriptions.

June 2006

RSS Readers

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The growing popularity of RSS feeds has resulted in an abundance of feed readers. The aim of this site is to provide information on quality RSS readers and keep you up to date with their new releases and features. Apart from desktop and online RSS feed readers, this site provides information on various RSS related tools such as feed services, rss tools, editors, etc. (things that are of interest to RSS publishers).


FeedBurner is the world's largest feed management provider. Our Web-based services help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web. FeedBurner also offers the largest advertising network for feeds that brings together an unprecedented caliber of content aggregated from the world's leading media companies, A-list bloggers and blog networks and individual publishers. - Self Publishing - Free

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Publiez et vendez à travers le monde - Publiez un livre, un CD, un DVD, une image ou un calendrier — et commandez-le en quelques minutes. - C'est vraiment facile Découvrez le processus d'édition Lulu - Pas de frais d'inscription. Pas de commande minimum. Pas de risque. Nous imprimons et expédions chaque livre à sa commande, et l'acheteur le paye. - Vous gardez le contrôle ... des droits, du design, du prix et de 80% des bénéfices.

Amazon Web Services Store: Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.

MarkaBoo :: better bookmarks for everyone

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MarkaBoo makes it easy organize your data and share it with others. Bookmark websites, files and notes side-by-side from your browser, email, or mobile phone.

April 2006

March 2006

iCal Exchange

stockage et affichage de calendriers icalendar en ligne.

January 2006

FeedLounge : the web-based feed reader redefined

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Subscribe to feeds (RSS and Atom) from your favorite web sites and enjoy the most powerful and elegant web-based feed reading experience ever created. FeedLounge supports importing (and exporting) OPML files from popular feed readers like BlogLines, NetNewsWire and FeedDemon so moving to FeedLounge is a snap.

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

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# Easy. Catalog your books online. # Social. Show everyone your library, or keep it private. Find people with the same books you own. Read reviews and get recommendations from readers like you. # Tagged. Tag your books as on and Flickr (eg., wwii, magical realism, sexuality, christian living, cats).

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