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November 2006

Amberjack: Site Tour Creator - Simple. Free. Open Source.

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Amberjack is a lightweight Open Source library, enabling webmasters to create cool site tours. By guiding your site visitors, Amberjack tours can greatly improve the usability of your website. The Amberjack JavaScript library is lightweight (~4K), stable, LGPL licensed, browser compatible, set up in 2 minutes & super-easy to customize. Best of all, nothing must be installed or learned. Use the Tour Wizard to create great looking and helpful tours for your site or intranet application.

October 2006


Je suis l'auteur du noyau générique webAppKit, et du quizz en ligne collaboratif quizzGeek. Chacun de ces deux projets a déjà son propre blog, donc je parlerai surtout ici de choses plus générales, dont quelques librairies génériques sur lesquelles ils s'appuient; et que j'ai également la plupart du temps commises.

November 2005

A List Apart: Articles: Printing a Book with CSS: Boom!

Can CSS be used for serious print jobs? To find out, we decided to take the ultimate challenge: to produce the next edition of our book directly from HTML and CSS files.

October 2005

July 2005

Strategies for CSS Switching

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we will explore different techniques for democratizing our design through the use of style sheet switching. By applying a different CSS file to a markup document, we can drastically change any or all aspects of its design—the layout, typography, or color palette. This technique may hold incredible appeal to designers because it exponentially decreases the amount of overhead required to redesign a site. But, as you’ll see, this technique can wield incredible benefits to our site’s users, allowing them fine-grained control over a page’s presentation and, in turn, better access to the content therein.

Behaviour : Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript behaviours

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AJAX (asynchronous javascript and xml) has been getting a lot of press lately. It is seen as a way to add desktop-application functionality to html pages. Things like Drag and drop, Fluid animations and Dynamic page updates. It's great to see public uptake of these technologies - but it worries me to see the influx of <SCRIPT> tags and onclick attributes into webpages.

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