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June 2005

Content with Style: MVC in smaller web applications

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Web development is, in many cases, a process where time is a crucial factor. As coding is usually the last step in the process, all things come together and prior mistakes are revealed.

Content with Style: XML as intermediate application layer

In this article I want to share my thoughts on techniques for keeping our code XML-based - so there's no need to get your hands dirty in your application code to change the markup that is rendered afterwards. Most things will be PHP related though.

April 2005

Flash et design d'interfaces: un exemple intelligent

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Le monde du web n'a pas réellement trouvé de moyen satisfaisant pour créer des bonnes interfaces pour des applications évoluées à travers un navigateur.

March 2005

10 URL Traps

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There are many different things which can go wrong with URLs. I will list some of the biggest issues here.

February 2005