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March 2006

July 2005

Untangle URIs, URLs, and URNs

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In information management, persistence and availability are in constant tension. This tension has led to separate technologies for Uniform Resource Names (URNs) and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). Meanwhile, Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) are designed to serve as both persistent names and available locations. This article explains how to use the current URI standards with XML technologies, gives a history of URNs and URLs, and provides a perspective on the tension between persistence and availability.

April 2005

.htaccess tricks and tips.. part two: url rewriting with mod_rewrite.

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The great thing about mod_rewrite is it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail. The downside to mod_rewrite is that it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail.

Utilisabilité des adresses web - Ergolab

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Nous présentons dans cet article les différents thèmes liés à l'ergonomie des URL, en recommandant pour chacun des pistes d'amélioration.

March 2005

MishMash: It matters because it has a URL

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if it doesn't have a URI, it's not on the web. If it matters, give it a URI

10 URL Traps

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There are many different things which can go wrong with URLs. I will list some of the biggest issues here.

January 2005

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