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May 2005

Representational State Transfer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Representational State Transfer (REST) is a collection of principles for managing information over a computer network like the world wide web. While REST originally referred to a collection of architectural principles (described below), people now often use the term in a looser sense to describe any simple web-based interface that uses XML and HTTP without the extra abstractions of RPC-based approaches like the web services SOAP protocol.

More About Custom DTDs: A List Apart

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why making a custom DTD for the sole purpose of validation is a mistake, and in which cases it does make sense to create and use one. For these cases, this article will also present techniques for creating clean custom DTDs and avoiding hacks.

Towards tag-based bookmark management in web browsers? (

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So since playing with Flickr and working on a little fun project at work on (cough) folksonomies with Mr Webb, I've become obsessed with tags and the ways in which they can be used to build better navigational interfaces. Currently I'm interested in how we might use tags for better folder-less bookmark management in web browsers.

Joel on Software - Making Wrong Code Look Wrong

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making robust code by literally inventing conventions that make errors stand out on the screen.

mezzoblue § Avalon/XAML First Look

The code itself looks like (well-formed) tag soup from 1997...

Digital Web Magazine - Web 2.0 for Designers

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Enter Web 2.0, a vision of the Web in which information is broken up into “microcontent” units that can be distributed over dozens of domains. The Web of documents has morphed into a Web of data. We are no longer just looking to the same old sources for information. Now we’re looking to a new set of tools to aggregate and remix microcontent in new and useful ways.

April 2005

Folksonomies: How we can improve the tags

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Folksonomies—like controlled vocabularies—are here to stay, and I would like to focus on how we can make them work better.

Digital Web Magazine - Creating a Site Design Plan

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If you’re a small (or one-person) shop, the many approaches to planning a Web site can be dizzying. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some guidelines to make design decisions easier? Karen Morrill-McClure guides you through creating a site design plan by outlining business and user needs and defining goals.

March 2005

Digital Web Magazine - Being a PHP Lumberjack

Just as you can learn something about the age and history of a tree by looking at its rings, you can monitor the flow of a program’s execution by using the debug_backtrace() function.

Creating accessible bar charts - Standards-schmandards

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In this short article we'll have a look at why image based charts are bad and what you can do about it. Bar charts are used to give the user a visual overview of how values for something relate to each other. It also enables users to make their own comparisons of data items.

10 URL Traps

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There are many different things which can go wrong with URLs. I will list some of the biggest issues here.

February 2005

January 2005