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September 2005

Folksonomies: power to the people

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In recent times, an unprecedented amount of Web content has begun to be generated through web logs, wikis and other social tools thanks to lower technology and cost barriers. A new host of content creators is emerging, often individuals with the will to participate in discussions and share their ideas with like-minded people. This is to say that this increasing amount of varied, valuable content is generated by non-trained, non-expert information professionals: they are at the same time users and producers of information.

May 2005

Les outils « sociaux » de catégorisation et le génie des alpages. - 2005-05-15 - Carnet Web Karl

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Le système de catégorisation par tags tels qu'il est fait actuellement est de moins en moins utilisable. [...] Multitude des balises, océan de références et d'URIs accumulées, organisation des informations qui correspondent à la loi du plus grand nombre et qui donc n'est pas souvent synonyme de qualité, une forme de nivellement par le bas.

You’re It! » Blog Archive » Dynamic Growth of Tag Clouds

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A persistent theme in the interest in folksonomy, and tagging in particular, is the threat of majority control. When the meaning of a link is determined by the masses, it can be inimical to anyone with a marginal point of view, and, the larger the pool the majority is pulled from, the greater the pressures towards lowest common denominator choices.

March 2005