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August 2006

January 2006

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

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# Easy. Catalog your books online. # Social. Show everyone your library, or keep it private. Find people with the same books you own. Read reviews and get recommendations from readers like you. # Tagged. Tag your books as on and Flickr (eg., wwii, magical realism, sexuality, christian living, cats).

July 2005

Tags! - IceRocket

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The results of the IceRocket Tag pages are made up of blog posts. And those come from you! Anyone with a blog can contribute to IceRocket Tag pages.

May 2005

You’re It! » Blog Archive » Dynamic Growth of Tag Clouds

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A persistent theme in the interest in folksonomy, and tagging in particular, is the threat of majority control. When the meaning of a link is determined by the masses, it can be inimical to anyone with a marginal point of view, and, the larger the pool the majority is pulled from, the greater the pressures towards lowest common denominator choices.

Semtags et le web fait un saut quantique

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parfois, des tags en deux parties genre : groupe:indochine et pays:indochine, groupe:Frantz ferdinand et persone:Frantz ferdinand, m'apparait comme une solution facile à utiliser. [...] Se sont des services comme flickr et technorati qui ont vraiment posé le probleme en implémentant un système de tags flat et le premier qui aura la bonne réponse et expliquera aux autres comment implémenter un système sémantique changera la face du web

March 2005

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