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October 2006


Je suis l'auteur du noyau générique webAppKit, et du quizz en ligne collaboratif quizzGeek. Chacun de ces deux projets a déjà son propre blog, donc je parlerai surtout ici de choses plus générales, dont quelques librairies génériques sur lesquelles ils s'appuient; et que j'ai également la plupart du temps commises.

June 2005

Xhtml2pdf - Xhtml2pdf Homepage

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Xhtml2pdf est une classe PHP, libre et gratuite (sous license GPL) permettant de transformer des documents xhtml en PDF. Xhtml2pdf est basée sur l'excellente classe d'Olivier PLATHEY, FPDF.

Simon Willison: getElementsBySelector()

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Inspired by Andy, I decided to have a crack at something I've been thinking about trying for a long time. document.getElementsBySelector is a javascript function which takes a standard CSS style selector and returns an array of elements objects from the document that match that selector.

May 2005

Content with Style: A CSS Framework

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a CSS framework, allowing rapid development of sites with pre-written and tested components. All that's really required to produce this is a set of naming conventions and a flexible base template...

Jesse Ruderman » Valid XHTML user script

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The Valid XHTML user script is an adaptation of the blogidate XML well-formedness bookmarklet. It shows a line of text under each textarea indicating whether the text is well-formed XHTML.


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domCollapse allows you to collapse and expand parts of page by clicking other parts of a page. To identify a trigger element, you add the class "trigger" to it as an attribute. This will automatically collapse the next following element in the document tree.

Showing and Hiding a DIV using CSS and Javascript

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There are many situations encountered when designing a webpage where showing and hiding a div using a link is useful.


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Small script to easily display hover tool tips You can attach a popup to anything by simply giving it a class of 'hasHelp' and an id. Then adding the help text to a blockquote and giving that a class of 'helpContents' and an id of 'xxxHelp' where xxx is the id of the element it's related to.

[brothercake] Docking boxes (dbx)

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Docking boxes (dbx) adds animated drag 'n' drop, snap-to-grid, and show/hide-contents functionality to any group of elements. And ... in what might be another world-first for brothercake - dbx is fully accessible to the keyboard as well as the mouse, an action I've dubbed press 'n' move

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