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July 2007

Appalachian - SIMILE

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Appalachian is a Firefox add-on that adds the ability to manage and use several OpenIDs to ease the login parts of your browsing experience. Learn more about OpenID.

January 2007

Welcome to OpenID Enabled! — OpenID Enabled

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From the developers of the Python-OpenID library and (where you can get an OpenID for free -- you can also choose from a number of other OpenID providers) this is a website by OpenID developers, for OpenID developers.

December 2006

How to turn your blog in to an OpenID

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An OpenID is simply a URL. My OpenID is, the address of my weblog. I can use it to sign in to any site that supports OpenID, and because I’m the only person with control over my weblog’s homepage I’m the only person who can use that identity.

November 2006

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