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Camino. Mozilla Power, Mac Style

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Camino combines the awesome visual and behavioral experience that has been central to the Macintosh philosophy with the powerful web-browsing capabilities of the Gecko rendering engine. Built and tested by thousands of volunteers, Mozilla’s Gecko brings cutting-edge innovations and capabilities to users in a standards-friendly and socially responsible form.


Mozilla Firefox - Smart Keywords

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smart keywords usage in firefox : access to website-scope search engines from the location bar

XUL:Home Page -

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This wiki is used to propose new features and enhancements for XUL and the Mozilla platform.

Mozilla Public License version 1.1

Annotated Mozilla Public License - mozile: index

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Mozile or Mozilla Inline Editor is an in-browser, context-sensitive, XHTML editor that allows a user to edit all or just specific editable sections of any XHTML page from the comfort of his own browser. It can act as the client-side of a content-editing system or as a self-contained "web word processor"

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