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June 2006

The case for a Creative Commons 'sunset' Non-Commercial license module | Free Software Magazine

why not add a series of "Sunset modules" that expand the commons not by expanding on 'fair use', but rather by expanding on 'limited times'. Let non-commercial and non-derivative license modules be assigned a reasonable sunset via modules with (say) 1, 3, 7, and 14 year sunsets. This would allow the artist to use conventional proprietary licensing fees while the NC/ND was in force, but then expire into the copyleft (or non-copyleft) free commons.

September 2005

MySQL & double licensing

an intersting discussion about MySQL double licensing scheme

June 2005

Xhtml2pdf - Xhtml2pdf Homepage

by 15 others
Xhtml2pdf est une classe PHP, libre et gratuite (sous license GPL) permettant de transformer des documents xhtml en PDF. Xhtml2pdf est basée sur l'excellente classe d'Olivier PLATHEY, FPDF.


by 4 others
CeCILL, adaption française de la GPL par le CEA, le CNRS et l'INRIA.

May 2005

Koders - Source Code Search Engine

by 17 others
a search engine for source code, filtering by language and license !

April 2005

Mozilla Public License version 1.1

Annotated Mozilla Public License

January 2005

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