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August 2006

Django | Documentation | Template guide

Django's template language is designed to strike a balance between power and ease. It's designed to feel comfortable to those used to working with HTML. If you have any exposure to other text-based template languages, such as Smarty or CheetahTemplate, you should feel right at home with Django's templates. Templates A template is simply a text file. It can generate any text-based format (HTML, XML, CSV, etc.). A template contains variables, which get replaced with values when the template is evaluated, and tags, which control the logic of the template.

PHP Application Tools :: About the project

PHP Applicaton Tools, aka 'pat' is a collection of LGPL and GPL PHP-based software destined to make everyday web development easier

July 2006

Open Source Templates | Free Website Templates

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These are Open Source Templates. Use them anyway you like. All we ask is that you link back to here to help us out.

November 2005

September 2005

PHPTAL :: Template Attribute Language for PHP

PHPTAL is a PHP implementation of ZPT work. To be short, PHPTAL is a XML/XHTML template library for PHP. While most web developpers continue to use ASP/JSP/PHP tags as the core language of their templates, the Zope community came with a refreshing idea named TAL. The idea was to move presentation actions inside XHTML attributes instead of using plain tags or elements.

Velocity - Velocity User Guide

velocity template language user guide

April 2005