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March 2007

Oldiz - Musée informatique et abandonware

Musée de la micro-informatique et des anciens jeux vidéo Amstrad, Atari, Amiga, PC & Mac

July 2006

June 2006

Abandonia - Buzz Aldrins Race into Space

In this game you�re the director of either American or Russian Space program. You start with little funds, no technology and a few astronauts. Your goal is to be the first nation to land on the moon. But it�s not easy; failures happen, politicians are impatient (just like astronauts) and you�re responsible for everything.

Abandonia - Constructor

Constructor is a building game in which the purpose is to build buildings, make cash, and complete a series of objectives. You have only 5 maps to play on, which is a major disadvantage. Constructor is very humorous and doesn't have a shred of seriousness, so if you dislike funny games this is not for you.

Abandonia - Colonization

You start off as an explorer from a country you choose. There are four countries available (Spain, France, The Netherlands and England) and each one has its advantages and disadvatages. As an explorer, your task will be to discover America (or a random new world) and estabilish diplomatic contact with the natives and other explorers whose task is to conquer as much as possible. Beside the diplomacy, you will also have to watch over political relations with your mother country, estabilish trade routes, train workers, manage cities, research and use the available resources wisely.

Abandonia - Download NetStorm - Islands at War

The main object of a game in NetStorm is to sacrifice the enemy priest (Although in multiplayer most games end by everyone drawing because it takes longer to sacrifice the priests and they are unneeded if you’re already level 43 and don’t want to rank). To do this you must immobilize the priest by hitting it with a shooter (bolts from crossbow, disk from sun disk thrower) and then capturing him with a transport (golem, air ship), which are normally used for collecting the currency, storm crystals. Once you have immobilized the priest and then captured him with a transport you must bring him to an altar that only your priest can build (Same as the temple and workshops). Once the enemy priest is on the altar you may begin sacrificing him with your priest.

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