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December 2006

Ontology of Folksonomy

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Ontologies are enabling technology for the Semantic Web. They are a means for people to state what they mean by formal terms used in data that they might generate or consume. Folksonomies are an emergent phenomenon of the social web. They are created as people associate terms with content that they generate or consume. Recently the two ideas have been put into opposition, as if they were right and left poles of a political spectrum. This piece is an attempt to shed some cool light on the subject, and to preview some new work that applies the two ideas together to enable an Internet ecology for folksonomies

September 2005

Folksonomies: power to the people

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In recent times, an unprecedented amount of Web content has begun to be generated through web logs, wikis and other social tools thanks to lower technology and cost barriers. A new host of content creators is emerging, often individuals with the will to participate in discussions and share their ideas with like-minded people. This is to say that this increasing amount of varied, valuable content is generated by non-trained, non-expert information professionals: they are at the same time users and producers of information.

Phil Dawes’ Stuff » Blog Archive » How to disambiguate tag senses!

Had some conversations about tag disambiguation with people at work and in the pub yesterday (that’s right folks - I’m lots of fun to go drinking with). Stu reminded me that in the tagging folksonomy world, people are able to choose meaning by social convention - i.e. they see which tags people are using for what sort of things, and then choose an appropriate one for their needs (maybe to get the biggest audience).

June 2005

TagCloud - Home

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TagCloud is an automated Folksonomy tool. Essentially, TagCloud searches any number of RSS feed you specify, extracts keywords from the content and lists them according to prevalence within the RSS feeds. Clicking on the tag’s link will display a list of all the article abstracts associated with that keyword.

The Community Engine Blog: xFolk Entry 0.4 — Microformat for decentralized tagging

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xFolk Entry 0.4 is a new iteration of the xFolk microformat that is extremely easy to implement. It enables the publication of tagged bookmarks so that they can be harvested on the web and aggregated into folksonomies. As such, xFolk eliminates the need to rely on centralized data repositories to create folksonomies.

May 2005

Les outils « sociaux » de catégorisation et le génie des alpages. - 2005-05-15 - Carnet Web Karl

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Le système de catégorisation par tags tels qu'il est fait actuellement est de moins en moins utilisable. [...] Multitude des balises, océan de références et d'URIs accumulées, organisation des informations qui correspondent à la loi du plus grand nombre et qui donc n'est pas souvent synonyme de qualité, une forme de nivellement par le bas.

You’re It! » Blog Archive » Dynamic Growth of Tag Clouds

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A persistent theme in the interest in folksonomy, and tagging in particular, is the threat of majority control. When the meaning of a link is determined by the masses, it can be inimical to anyone with a marginal point of view, and, the larger the pool the majority is pulled from, the greater the pressures towards lowest common denominator choices.


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initiatives sur le partage d'informations

Semtags et le web fait un saut quantique

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parfois, des tags en deux parties genre : groupe:indochine et pays:indochine, groupe:Frantz ferdinand et persone:Frantz ferdinand, m'apparait comme une solution facile à utiliser. [...] Se sont des services comme flickr et technorati qui ont vraiment posé le probleme en implémentant un système de tags flat et le premier qui aura la bonne réponse et expliquera aux autres comment implémenter un système sémantique changera la face du web

Some ideas to improve tags use in social software

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Where categories are managed by specialists in order to achieve the best classification, tags are users rough approximation of classification for a practical use. Here is a small proposal to improve flat hierarchy efficiency by patching it with some bits of categorization, while keeping the tags theirselves simple and natural...

Problèmes des folksonomies - Maurice Bloggue

Les systèmes de tags populaires ou folksonomies se sont répandus très rapidement. On a l'impression que c'est le système de classification du moment. Pourtant, ce type d'organisation n'est pas aussi bien que l'engouement ne le fait croire...

Jeffrey Zeldman : tag clouds

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As tag clouds come to replace expert taxonomies in common practice, carefully constructed hierarchies vanish. In their place is a flattened world where every idea, at any level, is a topic as worthy as any other.

March 2005


A very, very simple overview of Folksonomies.

Folksonomies - Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata

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This paper examines user-‍generated metadata as implemented and applied in two web services designed to share and organize digital media to better understand grassroots classification.

February 2005


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an experimental forum (bulletin board) using a flat hierarchy (tags)

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