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September 2005

StickBlog » Blog Archive » Upload multiple files with a single file element

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If you have a form where you want to allow a user to upload more than one file, you’re stuck with either adding as many file input elements as the number of files you want to upload, or possibly having new ones appear ‘magically’ through Javascript.


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Localhost is a program that lets you access a shared, world-wide file system through your web browser. This file system is maintained in a fully decentralized way by all of the computers running Localhost. The program uses BitTorrent technology, and new Distributed Hashtable technology called Kademlia.

June 2005

Streamload - Share Videos and Photos - Online MP3 Storage and Access

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Streamload is a service that enables you to send, receive, store and access Megafiles™ to any person and from any Internet connected device.

April 2005 - filemanager: index

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A xul-based file manager web-application

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