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March 2007

Émulation, jeux vidéo & retrogaming - Emu Nova

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Emu Nova est un site entièrement gratuit consacré à l'émulation de jeux vidéo (consoles, arcade, micro) sur ordinateur. Nous offrons un éventail à la fois technique et culturel sur des jeux qui ont bercé votre enfance, chez les amis ou en vacances : téléchargez, consultez nos aides, lisez nos dossiers et des tests d'anciens jeux puis discutez avec d'autres nostalgiques et amateurs de jeux sur nos forums.

July 2006

June 2006

Unofficial TransGaming Wiki

This wiki is mainly meant as a games database to see which games will run with what versions of WineX or Cedega, how well they run, and any special information about getting them to run better. It also features an FAQ that will hopefully answer a lot of the game-related questions that haunt us every day in the Cedega-irc-channel. We hope that you find the information here useful, and we strive to make sure the data here is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, since this is an unofficial wiki the information comes with no warranty at all and is only based on user experience, issues may vary from system to system.

Transgaming > Cedega

Cedega, TransGaming's flagship Linux portability product, allows hundreds of Windows games to run on Linux seamlessly and transparently, right out of the box. With Cedega installed on a computer running Linux, users can simply insert their favorite Windows game CD, then install and play that game just as they would on a Windows system. Cedega can run hundreds of top tier titles on Linux, including blockbuster hits such as BattleField 2, World of WarCraft, Dungeon Siege 2, Madden 2006, Half Life 2, City of Villains, WarCraft III and Star Wars Galaxies, just to name a few.

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