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February 2007

Iconize Textlinks with CSS - pooliestudios

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December 2006

The Last Order Icons


October 2006

KDDI 会社情報: 投資家情報

右メニュー部分の▼アイコンの使い方 開く(下位メニューあり)項目と、開かない項目

July 2006

February 2006

November 2005

graphicPUSH: Free icons and free icon sets for web designers.

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These icons are designed specifically for blogs and content management systems. This set of twenty icons includes standard blog icons like documents, books and speech bubbles, but also includes a set of nine arrows, three envelopes and a few suprises. I set up a sample page that shows some of the icons in action. There is also a tutorial on colorizing the icons. If you enjoy these icons, please digg them Icons

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October 2005

Link alert -

ページ内に外部リンクがあればicon表示。FireFoxのTargetAlertエクステンションのような機能のOpera版。 This script identifies links to specific file types, and displays an appropriate icon when the link is hovered. It can also display appropriate icons for specific types of links, such as links that open new windows, or run scripts.

June 2005

May 2005

{ Pixilate } Pixel Fonts, Handwriting Fonts, Icons and more

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Pixilate is my pixel garden, where you can find many (hopefully) fun things: pixel fonts, handwriting fonts, icons and wallpapers.

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