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April 2007

Fixed Mortgage No Rate Second Verification

Self-Employed Borrowers Fixed Rate 20 Year Fixed Mortgage . first mortgage is a 20 year loan and the second mortgage is a 15 year fixed rate.this loan does not require verification . Investment Property No Doc Mortgage Loan 20 Year Fixed Mortgage .

March 2007

alterMIME - MIME encoded mailpack utilities - Main Page

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02-May-2003 - Released v0.3-dev. This development version sports an entirely new header decoding engine, as derived from the ripMIME project. Extensive testing has been done with 0.3-dev, its reliability and consistancy already far outperforms the prior

Optimal width for 1024px resolution? ~ Authentic Boredom

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The new size divided up beautifully, lots of room for content and our old friend whitespace. Delicious!

February 2007

Yahoo! Finance - Get stock quotes, market news, mortgage rates & currency info.

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Q.Fortress Investment Group (FIG), the first publicly traded hedge fund manager, surged 68% on Friday in its trading debut. Are you buying? | Custom Bordered Boxes : All Sides Fixed Width

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In this example, only single DIVs are needed for the top and bottom. The sides background is on div.cB.

January 2007