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April 2007

March 2007

As part of a very enjoyable visit to the Brighton Science festival last weekend I went to a delightful talk by Ben Goldacre who writes the Bad Science column for the Guardian. You too can hear his talk on the website. As part of the talk he discu

Optimal width for 1024px resolution? ~ Authentic Boredom

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The new size divided up beautifully, lots of room for content and our old friend whitespace. Delicious!

Meet the Author USA | Bringing Books to Life!

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Some of the authors you will know, some are bestsellers, some are newcomers, but they are all speaking in their own words about the books that they are passionate about.

February 2007

Yahoo! Finance - Get stock quotes, market news, mortgage rates & currency info.

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Q.Fortress Investment Group (FIG), the first publicly traded hedge fund manager, surged 68% on Friday in its trading debut. Are you buying?

January 2007

411 MediaCodec : MediaCodec Removal Guide : How to Detect MediaCodec

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Rogue Anti-Spyware applications use a number of methods to secure a purchase. Once embedded into your computer the application will attempt to get you to buy through the intentional use of false positives, as well as through misleading popups and &quo