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Un site sur le sable, tout à fait remarquable.


3d images, edge 3d microscope, three dimensional microscopy

microscopie en 3 D spécialisé dans la 3d en microscopie.


Sand Sculptures at Dublin Castle - August 2007

August 2007 started off as rainy as July had ended, but this did not deter a bunch of artists working in the open at Dublin Castle. Several tons of fine sand were unceremoniously dumped in the castle courtyard and than transformed into impressive sand sculptures. This year's event had the general theme of "Irish Literature" - leading to portraits of Beckett, a reclining Gulliver, a minimalistic Joyce and an inspirational glass of Guinness ...

Falling Sand Game - hosted by Chirag Mehta @

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jeu du sable, contrôle des flux liquides et solides paramètrables : sable,jeu, feu,sable,eau,plante,cire,???,huile,gome,sel Les réactions de la matière. très rigolo.

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