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HomeBlogsArchivesRecent CommentsFrom the Photo Desk « back to From the Photo Desk « The Daily Beast - August 18, 2010 | Main | The Daily Beast - August 21, 2010 » 08/20/2010 The Daily Beast Special - Amazing Jumping Spiders - August 20, 2010 Toronto Star Picture Editor Wanda Goodwin shares these incredible images made available today. Staring menacingly at the camera these extraordinary looking creatures look like monsters straight out of a horror film. But, despite appearances, these creatures are actually jumping spiders, which measure a tiny six millimetres. The harmless arachnids, which are capable of jumping up to six times their own height, can be found in grassy meadows and on the walls of houses on sunny days. Photographer Tomas Rak scours British towns and countryside looking for them to capture on film with macro photography.

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