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May 2008

Europeo 2008!

European football tournament is coming! let s start to read the best news on the net!

May 2007

Sex crimes and Vatican, documentario BBC censurato

Il documentario della BBC trasmesso in Inghilterra nel 2006 sugli scandali dei Preti & Pedofilia si richiama al "Crimen Sollicitationis". un documento di Ratzinger che rinnova il divieto a testimoniare in tribunali civili (pena la scomunica) per reati di abusi sessuali che avessero coinvolto religiosi. In Italia non è mai andato in onda, nè i giornali nè gli altri mezzi di informazione vi hanno fatto accenno.

December 2006

september 12, a social impact game

12 september is a free Flash game where players try to solve the terrorist problem - a sort of editorial cartoon rendered in simple simulation.

November 2006

MAME 110 out!

A new MAME has been released, bringing it into line with the regular version

Amiga Player Manager 2006/2007

This is an updated version of Player Manager 1.1 with Kick Off 2 graphics and european players with their real names. It’s made by a brazilan fan, Le Cusi and he already made the brazilian version of PM!! , enjoy!

MAME OS X universal binary for Macintel released

Dave Dribin announced the released of a new OS X port of MAME that will run natively on Intel based Macs. The port is implemented using newer OS X technologies such as Core Audio, Core Image, Core Video, and OpenGL, and requires OS X 10.4 to run.

New Star Soccer 4 in development

Progress of the NSS game is steady at the moment but things are coming together very nicely. The core of the NSS4 database editor is up and running from a few weeks back and now work has begun on taking that data and doing something with it.

Webchamps 06 - fantastic flash soccer game

Tackles, headers, brilliant passes and goals. Now you can experience all this in an online flash game. In webchamps06 you play with your team against a variety of computer-controlled teams. webchamps06 doesn’t only convert the fascination of football into a clever online game and give us a virtual foretaste of the World Cup atmosphere.

Sensible World of Soccer editors

If you want to have a more personalized SWOS or just fix some errors on the team database you should use one of this great Sensible World of Soccer Editors

Sensible World of Soccer 2006/07 available

Sensible World Of Soccer 2006-07 update is now online, and you can download the SWOS 2006/07 patch for the new season.

New COMPETITION PRO for Home computer available!

Video game pioneers know it - the COMPETITION PRO for Commodore 64 (C64) and Amiga systems won the hearts of the gaming community in the eighties and soon became the most successful joystick of all times. It’s extreme durability and the characteristic clicking of the microswitches ensured its brand recognition.It’s back now! In cooperation with Individual Computers, SPEED-LINK now re-creates the joystick in its classic form: The Competition Pro with a plug for Commodore, Amiga, Atari, Amstrad/Schneider CPC and MSX Systems.

PES 6 Vs FIFA 2007

There has been keen rivalry between the two top football ( sawcer!! ) simulators for the platforms. Fifa Football, published by EA Sports and the Pro Evolution series, published by Konami. Both games had their good points…..Fifa had quicker, more arcade-like games, where Pro Evo had better depth and more realistic gameplay.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 release

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The latest Pro Evolution Soccer is still the pinnacle of virtual footy. Touch, feel, movement - PES6 has it in spades.Enhancements include refs who actually allow some physical contact and more player control over shooting and heading. This is especially true of the sublime PS2 version, which packs in a lot more content than the 360 effort.

FIFA 07 release

FIFA 07 is a fun, fast-paced game of soccer and EA’s finest effort to date. While the effort to imitate the best elements of Winning Eleven is obvious, EA does its own fair share of innovation with some great long-ball passing, jostling and the Interactive Leagues feature. With solid visuals and sound, a dearth of gamemodes and decent online play, FIFA 07 is one of the best sports games of the year. Though the gameplay must be tightened up before it can overtake the competition.

Football Manager 2007 release

The game has been met with mixed reaction at release. Many fans are delighted with the faster gameplay, smoother graphics and scrolling, a cleaner data editor, accurate rosters, realistic scouting, and generally, the more immersive world

Retro Gaming online leagues

One of the biggest revolutions to have shaken the gaming world must be the ability to play online. While you can these days compete in a huge number of online leagues ranging from first person shooters to sports titles and strategy games, I have personally never been a huge fan of most contemporary games. There are, in fact, only a very few games made after the mid-1990s that have caught my interest. Well, it turns out that there aren’t that many, but those that exist include very passionate individuals, and all of the leagues certainly look like a lot of fun. The following is a list of retro gaming leagues that I could discover. If you know of any others, please drop a comment to this article.

Addictive Football is released!

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Addictive Football is similar in style to the great games of yesteryear such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. Play 5-a-side rules on a variety of different pitches with 5 different game modes to choose from. Including Knockout Cups and League style games as well as a Custom Game Mode where you set the team skills yourself.

Yoda Soccer .73 released, open source game for every OS

The Open Source clone of Sensible World of Soccer has some important new features: - bench: substitutions, players swapping and tactics switch - coach only mode - input device selector - template database Download available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Enjoy it!

October 2006

Guerilla In Bolivia, play as Che Guevara on a revolutionary game

“Guerrilla in Bolivia” is a strategic, simulation with action sequences. The game in inspired by the diaries of Che Guevara, which were kept during the campaign and start on November the 7th, 1966 in Camiri.Che: guerrilla in Bolivia Leading a guerrilla troop is a dangerous and demanding challenge. You must take on government troops and manage the daily survival of your followers.

Nutella Football game, free download available!

Nutella Football Game is the soccer videogame created by gianluca troiano and Artematica, it was sold on italian big malls as a promotional gift together with a can of Nutella during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Now the full version is available for download, for free, also the promotional video is now available on youtube here:

Kick Off 2 on GP2X, video premiere of Amiga emulation!!

Here we have the first video of Kick Off 2 running perfectly on a GP2X! That’s awesome! It’s the first time an Amiga game is running on an handheld device. The emulator that makes the “miracle” is the port of UAE4ALL for GP2X, enjoy:

GP2X: the Linux handheld console

The GP2X is an open-source, Linux-based handheld game console and media player created and sold by GamePark Holdings of South Korea. Released on November 10, 2005 in South Korea, the GP2X is designed to support video, music, photos, and games in an open architecture, allowing any user to develop software for the device. Room for expansion with future upgrades (new media formats, features, operating system, etc) has been made possible by upgradable flash memory firmware.

Throw in - The remake of the best soccer game ever

Throw In is the tribute to the best game ever, Kick Off 2. It’s developed by Gianluca Troiano, the 2003, 2004, 2005 Kick Off 2 World Champion. Throw in attempt to reproduce the classic gameplay of Kick Off 2 and is designed to offer fast action with responsive controls. You can do anything on the pitch with just a single fire button.

MAME on the PSP

Everyone’s favorite arcade emulator is hitting the PSP thanks to all the homebrew stuff going on. Here we have the best MAME emulators for Arcade games on Sony Playstation Portable