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April 2007

File Hippo - Download Free Software

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Purpose With our aim is to provide you with the simplest method of downloading the newest versions of the best software - without the usual excessive popups or spyware and without the low quality software. Features * Only the best software, we focus on quality not quantity. * Very fast servers with 100Mb connections, to make your downloads as fast as possible. * We keep the old versions of programs, so if you update and don't like the new version, you can always return to the old one. * All software is 100% spyware and virus free. * Filtering feature to allow you to only show Freeware and/or Non-beta software. * Full support for resuming downloads and download managers. * Change log and technical details for downloads. * RSS feeds for all updates, categories and for individual programs. * New European and US download servers. * Optimized pages for faster browsing. * Update Checker to scan your machine for old software.

March 2007

Local Cooling

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LocalCooling is a 100% Free power management tool from Uniblue Labs that allows users to optimize their energy savings in minutes and as a result reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. Download the 100% Free LocalCooling Application and it automatically optimizes your PC's power consumption by using a more effective power save mode. You will be able to see your savings in real-time translated to more evironmental terms such as how many trees and gallons of oil you have saved. Local Cooling will: * Cut your energy bills. * Reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions as a result of your reduced PC power consumption. * Give you full control over your power mode settings. * Improve your overall computing experience and efficiency. * Show you in detail how much you have saved since installing the software.

CNET - Technology product reviews, price comparisons, tech video, and more

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Come to CNET to find reviews, news, and prices on tech products, as well as free downloads and newsletters.

SightSpeed - World's Best Video Chat, Video Mail, and Video Conferencing Services

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SightSpeed's video chat, video mail, and video conferencing services for both personal users and small business deliver unrivaled quality and are fun and easy to use. SightSpeed works great on both PCs and Macs.

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So, you’ve heard about it, but you aren’t sure what it does. What is a DemocraKey, exactly? It’s software to protect your computer while you’re working on the internet. It provides a layer of protection from viruses, a layer of protection from people trying to see what sites you’re visiting, and a layer of protection to stop hackers from viewing files you don’t want them to. In a word, it does what computers already should do: Look out for your privacy and security. A DemocraKey is a portable piece of software that works on any computer. Just walk up, plug in a DemocraKey, and you can be assured your files are much safer, your computer is better protected while browsing the web, and nobody will be able to tell which site you’re visiting.

Calgoo Calendar - Find, Use & Share

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Calgoo is free online/offline software that allows you to: * Find calendars, schedules and events that interest or affect you * Bring together iCal, Outlook and Google calendars in one view * Use your calendars offline and sync them when you go online * Organize, search, manage and view multiple calendars and schedules * Share your calendars with other people * Make appointments and invite people * Keep track of tasks and see them in your calendar * Get reminders via email, pop-up, or SMS to your cell phone * Work with Google Calendar and Google Apps free and Premier Edition

Firewall Free Firewall Protection Best Firewall Test Firewall Software Network Security Internet Attacks Computer Personal Firewall

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The only firewall that doesn't leak Unfortunately, most firewalls leak. But Comodo's Firewall is unique in that it passes all known leak tests to ensure the integrity of data entering and exiting your system. Comodo has put firewall through all kinds of sophisticated tests to ensure its firewall powerful enough to ward off these attacks with default settings. No other firewall has had to work this hard.

ALTools PC Utilities - Zip, Unzip, FTP, Movie Player, DVD Player, Picture Viewer, Login Password manager

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Download free PC utilities from ALTools like ALShow, the codecs included DVD movie player, ALZip, zip program, ALSee, picture viewer and photo editor, ALFTP, FTP client and personal FTP server, ALPass, web site password manager

December 2006

uPlayMe | Play Music. Meet People. Discover New Music.

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uPlayMe is free software that you download to your computer. After it's installed, it looks at the digital media (like songs, videos, and podcasts) that you play and matches you with people who are playing the same things as you. It works based on the things you actually have recently played, not all the stuff in your entire library.

Goombah: Music Search and Discovery

Goombah is your personal music search guide that works with iTunes - with lots of free music to download. Our music lovers cover all genres - alt rock, jazz, blues, country, rap, folk, heavy metal.

October 2006 - community, people search and messaging service!

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With more than 400 million instant messages sent and received every day, ICQ has been known to the online community as a messaging service, but today, 10 years after the first ICQ instant messaging service was launched, ICQ has become much more than just that. ICQ provides its loyal, enthusiastic, and international community of users with comprehensive instant messaging services and community products.

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Find the software you're looking for at, the most comprehensive source for free-to-try software downloads on the Web. Includes audio programs, utilities, Internet and desktop software, applications for developers, downloads for small business users, and more.


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Soundflavor (formerly Siren Systems) is a digital music company that focuses on providing the best music search and recommendation services to both music professionals and music consumers. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to find music they like, to build playlists without effort, and to rediscover the music they already own. In doing so, we aim to provide fundamentally better approaches for a wider range of artists to market themselves. Our song recommendations are based on more than six years of research, during which we analyzed thousands of songs spanning hundreds of genres, eras, and countries, in an effort to decode the flavor of music.


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Music Recommendations, Playlists, Tags and Community

Meetro | The social messenger

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Meetro is the new way to meet people nearby. Meetro is a "location-aware social messenger" What that means in english is that Meetro combines all the fun aspects of 'Social Networks', with all the real-time communications of 'Instant Messengers', wraps that around location, and finally adds two fist full’s of photos and profiles. Meetro is software that allows you to see who is logged in nearby, right now, and start chatting with them INSTANTLY. It's completely photo and profile based. It's so simple to get up and running. As soon as you sign on, you'll see people online that you can talk to. You'll also see us here at the Meetro HQ, we're here to answer any of your questions, comments, and feedback. It's easy to stay in touch with your existing friends who are already on Meetro, or you can connect to your AIM, MSN, and Yahoo accounts on the PC.