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01 January 1970 01:00

IRC Tire

WELCOME TO IRC TIRE_Everyone dreams of founding a humble company and setting out to create a best-in-category product. Expand that desire a bit to think about what would happen if that same company grew at a dramatic rate because everyone wanted that superior product. Take a look to the future and foresee that company 78 years later, still producing that same great product, growing at a very rapid clip. You have just read the short history of IRC. For us, that product is bicycle tires.

Price Point is the premier internet bicycle retailer for mountain and road bike parts, accessories, frames and complete bikes at up to 80% discount from retail prices. We also proudly carry an extensive range of cycling clothing including mountain and road biking jerseys, shorts, cycle shoes and riding apparel.

Bike Nashbar, Always a Great Deal

Performance, Inc. has thrived on its ability to meet and anticipate customer needs. We have offered a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products sold since the early beginings of our company. This led to other equally significant services and policies like our Overnight Shipping and Price Protection Plan which allows you to receive your product the next business day at the best price.

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